Work-life balance – it sounds easy but can be oh so hard to find.

I love reading other people’s advice when it comes to trying to establish a healthy balance between work and life, especially for those that own their own business. It’s a bit like trying a diet –  we go on and off them, but unless we are dedicated and committed to the change then it just won’t work for us.

My hubby likes to call me Mrs. Control Freak. Every time I think ‘no way, that’s not me,’ but it absolutely is. And I’m not ashamed of it as its helped me maintain a healthy work life balance!

At the time of having my second son Aaryn (who is about to turn 18 – wow!) I was working full-time hours on a flexible arrangement, so it meant crazy and inconsistent hours, early mornings and late nights. Finding time to have a second son seemed hard! But I’m grateful to have an amazing husband who took almost 8 years off full time work to be the main carer at home. That doesn’t mean I missed night feeds, kinder duty or school drop offs. Quite the opposite – I was able to attend all that I needed too; I helped out in class, did school pick up and drop off, and didn’t miss a school concert. All because I put in the effort and dedication to create a work life balance between my husband, two sons and myself.

However, finding that balance required effort, commitment and support. You just can’t do it alone – find your tribe, find your people. For about five years when Zane was young, I made an unconscious decision to not make time for my friends. I was just so busy that I barely had time for myself, let alone others. But then Aaryn began three-year-old kinder and I met a woman who is now one of my best friends. Over several coffee catch ups we grew close have developed an amazing friendship that I treasure dearly.  We often laugh over how she broke my ‘no friendship’ rule, but I am so glad she did. I realised that friendship and family is the most important, and my world wouldn’t be the same without both of those elements. Yes, work is important, but what’s the point if you can’t share your successes and achievements with others, as well as have support when you need it? Share your knowledge and keep true to you. For those with children, put in the effort, commitment and dedication to enjoy this time.

They really do grow up so quickly, so every moment is a blessing. But for now, it’s back to work I go …

Keep smiling,