It takes a certain type of person to be a BAS Agent/Bookkeeper. I’m involved in many bookkeeping groups, and we’re a dedicated and passionate bunch. We don’t get to work the standard Monday to Friday 9-5pm – we do the hours required to get the job done. This can mean late nights, early mornings and weekends. We sit in on webinars to keep us up-to-date with the seemingly constant changes with Government Legislations.


Oh and we love a challenge! Receipts in a shoe box? Four year catch ups? Negotiating extensions and payment plans with the ATO? Throw it at us – we’ll happily do it for you.


We become part of your business and often form close connections with our clients. We not only get to know your business and finances; we get to know you. We learn about your family, your kids, your pets and your partner. We see our clients through marriages, children, separations, illnesses and sometimes the passing of our client. We hold their hand. We listen to them. We share in their laughter and support them when there are tears. We are there through thick and thin. While some may see is ‘just being a bookkeeper’ and ‘getting the job done,’ we see it as so much more. Our clients become part of our life and work family. Knowing your numbers is how we connect, but getting to know our clients is what comes with who we are.


We support you.


Keep smiling,